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INNOVATION FORUM Virtual Panelests of Distinguished Guests  

Viper Vertex interviewed on video an impressive group of invited distinguished thinkers, speakers and professionals who are included in the virtual panels of each topic area. These guests were asked some of the same basic questions concerning innovations and technologies, how tehcnology has affected our personal and global lives, and ethical implications that may accompany these innovations and technologies. Extensive research was done on the specifics for each guest so that, in addition to the standard set of questions, s/he could be asked specific and different questions concerning their particular area of expertise. Questions included, but were not limited to, thoughts on: cloning, genetic engineering, patenting of life forms, etchical implications of these and other new technologies, new innovations in specific areas, technological development and general global access to new technologies, job creation and loss, nanotechnology, cryonics, intellegent computers, cyborgs, ubiquitous computers, limits of silicon technologie, cyberspace as community and others.

The virtual panelists appear in the INNOVATION FORUM EXHIBIT and their thoughts via video clips may be interactively accessed by first selecting one of seven topics: EXPLORING, FORECASTING, QUALITY OF LIFE, COMMUNITY, COMMUNICATING, TECHNOLOGY, ETHICS and then selecting their picture from the virtual panel.

Invited Guests Interviewed and Appearing in The INNOVATION FORUM EXHIBIT as the Virtual Panel:

Dr. Sylvia Earl, PhD, Oceanographer, Marine Biologiest, Chairman Deep Ocean Exxploration & Research (DOER)
Paul Saffo, J.D., Director Institute for the Future
Stephen Hawking, PhD, Physicist, Cosmologiest and Professor Cambridge. UK
Carl Anthony, Director Urban Habitat, Urban Planner and Architect
Tom Shanks, S.J., PhD, Father, Director Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Dr. James Hanson, MD, Associate Director Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Children's Hospital, Oakland
Linda Jacobson, Virtual Reality Evangelist, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Jerry Kay, Broadcast Journalist - "Earth News" & "Science in Action" Radio, Director Science Interchange
Allan Lindh, PhD, Seismologiest, USGS
Arthur Quaife, PhD, Cryonicist, Trans Time, Inc.
Mahir Parikh, PhD, Chairman & CEO Asyst Technologies
Anthony Bonora, Senior VP, CTO, Asyst Technologies
Cheryl Shavers, PhD, Emerging Technologies, Intel Corp.
Albert Y.C. Yu, PhD, Senior VP & Chairman of Microprocessor Group, Intel Corp.