'Shadow Dance'  
Interactive Eclipse Exhibit

Shadow Dance Exhibit at Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA


Viper Vertex created an interactive electronic multimedia exhibit to provide visitors an exploratory glimpse into the unique planetary phenomena of SOLAR AND LUNAR ECLIPSES.

This eclipse exhibit is not a kiosk. There is no mouse, no keyboard. Visitors simply walk around the exhibit space, stepping on pictures in the floor to "create an eclipse". Visitors may access information in a creative, fun and exciting environment. This exhibit engages all ages of visitors in a cooperative participatory experience. Learn about eclipses while playing with and creating varied combinations of visuals, sounds, narration and information: science, mythologies, history, art, visuals, perspectives and culture.

This exciting new ECLIPSE exhibit was experienced at the new Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA, and is part of their permanent collection.

'A total solar eclipse is an extraordinary event that has inspired, frightened, awed and amazed people and cultures around the world throughout history. The science, mythology, history, and art of eclipse astronomy is contagious and awe-inspiring." JoAnn Gillerman