'Shadow Dance'  
Interactive Eclipse Exhibit

This exhibit explores science, mythology, and history of solar and lunar eclipses, their global relevance to our lives, and the varied art and cultural perspectives inspired by these extraordinary events. Listen to scientists and eclipse specialists share their knowledge with you on this topic as you simultaneously interact with relevant information.

All artwork, imagery and the varied multi-cultural and environmental sounds are original and created by Viper Vertex for this exhibit. The video of Total Solar and Lunar Eclipses used in this exhibit has been shot on location by JoAnn Gillerman and Rob Terry of Viper Vertex. Their video of Total Solar Eclipses includes: Siberia '08, Libya '06, Turkey '99, Venezuela '98, India '95, Bolivia '94, Hawaii '91 and Washington/USA '79 - and several Lunar Eclipses over the years. Additional eclipse photographs and video included in this exhibit have been contributed by other eclipse enthusiasts and astronomers. A primary source of science information used in this exhibit is from the book "Observe Eclipses" by Dr. Mike Reynolds and Richard Sweetsir.

In The Shadow: Total Solar Eclipses