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JoAnn (Jody) Gillerman, co-founder of Viper Vertex Interactive is a California-based media artist, videographer and educator producing interactive multimedia exhibits, installations, CD-ROMs, internet Web sites, and video. Her works integrate art, science, culture and technology. Ms. Gillerman is professor of electronic and media arts at California College of the Arts (formerly California College of Arts and Crafts) in Oakland and San Francisco, CA. She teaches interactive multimedia, video production, DVD authoring, media literacy and installation. Formally trained in fine arts (drawing/painting, printmaking and video) her experimentation in new media includes: multimedia exhibits, computer graphics and computer arts. She combines a highly developed fine arts aesthetic with a thorough practical knowledge of video and computers. A personal passion has led her to produce video and multimedia works using source material of total solar eclipses and active volcanic lava flows that she records on location around the world. Her multimedia works of these phenomena have been shown, broadcast, screened and exhibited nationally and internationally.

Ms. Gillerman co-developed the LIAISON system (Live Interactive Animal Identification System and Observation Network) and a prototype Chimp FInder that was installed as at the St. Louis Zoo. She also co-produced "Hey, Listen Up!" - an urban eco-literacy project on environmental racism - that includes an interactive CD-ROM and high-school curriculum for providing information and education on environmental justice, a project sponsored by Urban Habitat, San Francisco, California. Permanent interactive installations and exhibits include "Shadow Dance: an Interactive Eclipse Exhibit" at Chabot Space and Sicence Center, Chimp Finder at St. Louis Zoo, and the "Innovation Forum" Exhibit at The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA.

Her works have been shown nationally and internationally in museums, galleries, universities, festivals, television broadcasts, on-line and public venues. Writings by and about the artist appear in books, print and on-line in Artweek, Leonardo: Journal for Art, Science and Technology, Artswire: interactive arts conferencing forum and on her Web site: www.vipervertex.com. Ms. Gillerman received her MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago, IL and her BA at Duke University, N.C.