Viper Vertex in the news and press

February 2002 (Vol. 33)

Review of Viper Vertex's Science/Art Interactive Eclipse Exhibit at Chabot Space and Science Center Oakland, Califorina.



KNTV News Channel 11
June 21, 2001

Viper Vertex's New Interactive Eclipse Exhibit opens at Chabot Space and Science Center on day of total solar eclipse in Africa



Tech Talk: KNTV Channel 11
July 5, 2001

JoAnn Gillerman talks about new technologies used in Viper Vertex's Interactive Eclipse Exhibit, "Shadow Dance", at Chabot Space and Science Center for "Tech Talk" on KNTV News channel 11 and KBWB channel 20.


Oakland Tribune

June 20, 2001

Article on Bay Area science centers showing total eclipse of the sun and Viper Vertex's new eclipse exhibit at Chabot Space and Science Center in the Oakland hills.




June 20, 2001

SGI acknowledges Viper Vertex's original new interactive multimedia exhibit permanently installed at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland Ca. The exhibit is powered by twelve SGI flat panel displays, and two SGI computers.


San Jose Mercury News
"Ethics at The Tech"
October, 1998

Viper Vertex's "Innovation Forum" Exhibit at The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California encourages dialog on ethics and implications associated with innovations and technologies. A diverse virtual panel of experts engages museum visitors to explore issues of ethcis and innovation and technology.


San Francisco Focus

Aug 1997

Bay Area Profile of JoAnn Gillerman and Rob Terry of Viper Vertex as they travel the world to document and experience total solar eclipses and use the materials to create multimedia works.


Traveling Exhibit
"The Sun Drops It's Torch "
September - February, 1997

Viper Vertex's "The Sun Drops It's Torch" Exhibit at Cybermonde, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.