...about Robert Terry

Robert Terry, co-founder of Viper Vertex, has a wide range of expertise in Information Science and an extensive background in electronic multimedia. Mr. Terry has technically produced/mastered many widely distributed CD-ROM's and DVD's. He has also designed and developed numerous web sites - both for information and for secure e-commerce.

Mr. Terry is currently a freelance software engineer and has recently designed and prototyped a network based 'strategic bioinformatics tool under the direction of Dr. Laura Esserman; University California San Francisco Medical. Other current work includes contributing to the design and development of an innovative non-invasive breast cancer detection device (The Kennedy Institute, Oakland Ca), and the production of an interactive multimedia information/communication hybrid DVD for El Camino Hospital, Mountain View California.

Additionally Mr. Terry is currently producing, designing and developing a bio-metric recognition system for LIAISON Systems/Viper Vertex. This unique system was first commissioned and successfully installed at the St Louis Zoo. St Louis Missouri. 'Chimp Finder' was first introduced to the public in spring 2005. (See descriptions of Viper Vertex's project highlights for more detailed description of the LIAISON system).

Mr. Terry was formerly the Director of web technology and strategy for Wholepeople.com, (Whole Foods Inc.) and a Senior Technical Manager responsible for developing major e-commerce and public information projects for SGI, CNET and PC-World. He has produced and cumulatively managed the development of over 24 commercially available software products for companies including SGI, CNET, PC World, Island Graphics, Everex, Dinippon Screen and Unda Oy.

Mr. Terry has a 20+-year background in computer product development and creating innovative and engaging user interfaces. He is an accomplished computer software designer, developer, information architect, technical visionary and a talented team leader with an exceptional track record in bringing innovative new products to the market.